Renova is an Italian manufacturer and supplier of web tension control systems and roll handling systems with more than 40 years of application know-how. Renova products are ideal for all applications when there is a roll to unwind, rewind or to move.

Renova products such as brakes, mechanical chucks, web tension control systems and roll pushers, are 100% designed and made in Italy.

This choice is representative of their desire to have direct control of the entire production chain and ensure the highest production quality.

In order to guarantee customers the highest level of satisfaction and reliability, Renova products are managed by TUV -ISO 9001.

Brakes & Clutches

For the unwinding and rewinding of rolls of any size and material.

The Renova’s brakes fit any kind of application and maintain constant the web tension throught the whole converting process.

Mechanical Chucks

For the unwinding and rewinding of rolls of any size and material.

Designed for shaftless applications, Renova’s mechanical core chucks deliver the most reliable web tension with the least maintenance.

Web Tension Control Systems

Systems for the web tension control in closed-loop system or open-loop system.

They keep constant the desired web tension, avoiding the possibility of material breakings in any phase of web processing.

Roll Pushers

Renova’s Moviroll roll pushers improve the productivity as they allow the operator to effortlessly and safely maneuver both large and small cylindrical loads.

They are ideal for corrugated rolls, paper and tissue paper rolls, wood/steel rolls for cable, vehicles, etc.

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