Labthink is a multinational technology company that is devoted to helping customers succeed, employees grow and brands gain respect. The headquarters of Labthink is in Jinan, China; its international headquarters is in Boston, USA; and its SAC IT Center is in Hong Kong, China. The company has more than 50 international distributors and more than 30 international service providers.

Labthink has three brands for its three business sectors: DIAMON represents testing instruments for flexible packaging and many other industries; CONVEN is for package testing services for food industry; and INNOMAX stands for solutions for new business mode for third-party laboratories.

Labthink has taken the lead in proposing and drafting more than 10 national standards and has been granted more than 100 patents. Those standards and patents range from property testing for plastics, transmission methods for original data generated in testing to business mode for third-party laboratories and many other advanced technological and business areas.

Abrasion Resistance Tester

Abrasion Resistance test, also known as Ink Rub test, is to measure the ink resistance against rubbing on packaging materials.

MCJ-01A Rub Tester
RT-01 Rub Tester

Adhesion Testing

Adhesion test is to measure the tack and holding power of adhesive tapes and labels. Tack or holding power test is very important in packaging industry and adhesive industry.

ASTM D3654 - Standard Test Methods for Shear Adhesion of Pressure Sensitive Tapes.

CZY-G Primary Adhesive Tester
CZY-6S Lasting Adhesive Tester
CLASSIC 920 Lasting Adhesive Tester

Air Permeability Tester

Air Permeability is the resistance of fabrics (woven, knitted and non woven textile materials) to the passage of air under constant preset air pressure. Air permeability is an important property of some textile materials. The air permeability is mainly dependent upon fabric's weight and construction (thickness and porosity).

TQD-G1 Air Permeability Tester

Compressive Strength Testing

Compressive strength is the capacity of a material to withstand loads tending to reduce size. For finished packages, compression test can be used to measure compressive resistance, deformation and stacking capability.

i-Boxtek 1700 Box Compression Tester
XYD-15K Box Compression Tester
i-Boxtek 1710 Box Compression Tester
MEGA 1510 Universal Testing Machine

Evaporation Residue Testing

Evaporation residue test is to measure the dissolved part mass of materials in different solutions. By further analysis for evaporation residue, the safety of packaging materials can be greatly ensured.

ERT-01 Evaporation Residue Constant Weight Tester

Flex Durability Testing

The flex durability is the ability of a material to resist flexing or kneading during production and transportation. Permeability test often comes after the flex process to ensure the overall performance of packaging materials.

ERT-01 Evaporation Residue Constant Weight Tester

Fogging Testing

Materials used in vehicles, such as plastics, fabrics, rubber or leathers, will evaporate under high temperatures and condense on the windshield and create a fog, which causes dangerous driving conditions. Fogging test is right to measure fogging characteristics of these automotive interiors as well as HID lamps.

FT-F1 Fogging Tester

Friction / COF Tester

Friction tester is a kind of testing equipment which is used to measure coefficient of friction (COF) for materials. Basically, there are two kinds of coefficients: static coefficient of friction and kinetic coefficient of friction. Coefficient of friction testing is widely valued for its important role in the processes of production, transportation and marketing.

MXD-02 Coefficient of Friction Tester
FPT-F1 Friction/ Peel Tester
COF-P01 Inclined Surface Coefficient Of Friction Tester
MXD-01A Coefficient of Friction Tester

Gas Permeability Tester

Gas permeability is the ability of a barrier material to allow gases (O2, N2, CO2 etc.) to permeate through it in a specific time. Gas permeability may vary with temperature, humidity, pressure and speicmen thickness.

C230 Oxygen Transmission Rate Tester
OX2/231 Oxygen Permeability Tester
VAC-V1 Gas Permeability Tester
VAC-V2 Gas Permeability Tester

Headspace Gas Analysis

Headspace gas analysis can be critical in determining shelf life of products packed by MAP technique. Generally, it means the determination of volume and proportion of residual gases in packages, such as O2, CO2, N2, etc.

CLASSIC 650 Headspace Gas Analyzer
RGT-01 Vacuum Packaging Analyzer
i-Process 6910 Headspace Gas Test and Data Processing System

Heat Seal Tester

Heat seal test is to determine the suitable sealing parameters (sealing temperature, dwell time and pressure) for materials. ASTM F2029 is the standard practice for making heat seals for the determination of the heat sealability of flexible webs as measured by seal strength.

HST-H3 Heat Seal Tester
HST-H6 Heat Seal Tester
CLASSIC 513 Gradient Heat Seal Tester
PSST-100 Portable Heat Seal Strength Tester

Hot Tack Testing

Hot tack is the strength of heat seals formed between thermoplastic surfaces of flexible webs, immediately after the seal has been made and before it cools to room temperature. Hot Tack test makes it possible to determine the seal strength and appropriate sealing parameters directly after the heat sealing process.

HTT-L1 Hot Tack Tester
i-Thermotek 2400 Heat Seal & Hot Tack Tester

Impact Testing

Impact test is to measure the ability of materials to resist high-rate impact. Impact resistance can be obtained by calculating the amount of energy that causes test specimen failure. In general, there are two kinds of testers for impact resistance: free-falling dart impact tester and pendulum impact tester,conforming to different international standards.

BMC-B1 Falling Dart Impact Tester
FDI-01 Falling Dart Impact Tester
FIT-01 Film Pendulum Impact Tester

Leak Testing

Leak test aims to examine the sealing quality and integrity of a package, especially when the package is exposed to a pressure differential. The analysis for package leakage is meaningful for prolonging product shelf life.

MFY-01 Leak Tester
LSSD-01 Leak and Seal Strength Detector

Peel Resistance Tester

Peel resistance is the ability of a material to resist forces that can pull it apart by separating one surface from the other. It is extensively used to evaluatethe adhesion strength of films, sheeting, aluminum foils and many other materials.

BLD-200N Auto Stripping Tester
FPT-F1 Friction/ Peel Tester
Tensile Strength Tester

Seal Strength Tester

Seal strength testing evaluates the mechanical strength of the seal, assuring proper bonding force to maintain package integrity throughout the shelf life. It includes burst, creep and creep to failure tests. For flat materials, seal strength can be measured by tensile testers.

Tensile Strength Tester
LSSD-01 Leak and Seal Strength Detector
PSST-100 Portable Heat Seal Strength Tester

Shear Strength Testing

Shear testing is the strength that separating specimens from the adhesion area in parallel to the direction of force. And test materials should be with certain viscosity, e.g. adhesives and stretch films.

NLW-20 Adhesive Tensile & Shear Tester
Tensile Strength Tester
Shrinkage Testing

Shrinkage test, known as linear thermal shrink test or free shrink test, is used for analyzing the effect of temperature on heatshrinkable films made from polyethylene, ethylene copolymers and their mixtures. Basically, shrinking force, contracting force and shrinking ratio can be measured in such determination.

RSY-R2 Film Free Shrink Tester
FST-02 Thermal Shrinkage Tester

Tearing Resistance Testing

Tearing strength testing can be found in plastic film, paper and textile industries. It is used to describe how well a material can withstand the effects of tearing. Elmendorf tear is a common method that is used to test tear resistance.

SLY-S1 Elmendorf Tearing Tester
Tensile Strength Tester

Tensile Strength Tester

Tensile strength is the maximum stress that a material can withstand while being stretched or pulled before failing or breaking. It is an important mechanical property of packaging materials. Labthink tensile strength testers are designed for the determination of tensile strength, peel strength, tear resistance of films, sheeting, aluminum foils, etc.

XLW (B) Auto Tensile Tester
XLW (M) Auto Tensile Tester
XLW Auto Tensile Tester
XLW (PC) Auto Tensile Tester

Thickness Measurement

Thickness is an important property of a packaging material and critical for other mechanical properties, such as permeability, tensile strength, impact resistance, etc. Besides, it is an efficient way to reduce production cost by controlling material thickness within reasonable range.

C640 Thickness Tester
CHY-C2A Thickness Tester

Torque Testing

Torque is an important index for package appearance and integrity as well as customer satisfaction and safety. It is a measure of turning or locking force of caps or closures.Torque testing enables manufacturers to perfect the performance of their products.

NJY-20 Digital Torque Tester

Water Vapor Permeability Tester

Water vapor permeability is a measure of the passage of water vapor through the material. It is also known as water vapor transmission rate (WVTR) or moisture vapor transmission rate (MVTR). It is the mass of water vapor transmitted through a unit area in a unit time under specified conditions of temperature and humidity.

W3/330 Water Vapor Transmission Rate Test System
C390 Water Vapor Transmission Rate Test System
W3/030 Water Vapor Transmission Rate Tester
W3/031 Water Vapor Transmission Rate Tester

BLJ-02 Disk Stripping Tester
YGJ-02 Adhesive Tape Roller
SBG-80 D65/A Standard Light Source
SPS-80T Double Light Source Viewer

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