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Founded in 1970, the company is a worldwide leader involved in designing and manufacturing of Industrial Chillers, Air Coolers and Temperature Control Units etc.

Frigosystem 40 year’s history, they have improved in their ideas, procedures, equipment & methods. It is considered as a top level manufacturer among its global competitors. They have been gaining certificate since year by year due to latest technology & innovation..

Frigosystem covers an ample range of different fields of industry like Plastics & Packaging, Aeronautics, Petrol Chemicals, Explosion Proof Units, Cosmetics, Pharmaceutics, Food industry and many more….

The take-over of Corema Spa in 2010 represents an additional source of pride: the Corema brand and the whole Corema production are now controlled by Frigosystem Group. The expertise of Frigosystems are:.

Water Chillers

The refrigeration of water is Frigosystem field of excellence: the company is a worldwide leader in the manufacturing of water chillers. The core business is related to the infinite applications of the PLASTIC INDUSTRY.

Frigosystem portfolio counts more than 500 models and versions of water chillers, with small-medium-big power, for stand alone or centralized plants.

High performance & low Energy consumption.
Assorted refrigerant gases with different features.
Diversified compressor technologies: Frigosystem study any project and lead the customer to the optimal solution.
High efficiency condensers.
Maintenance and user friendly units.
Suitable for installation in any climatic area of the world, including the most critical ambient temperatures.
RACA/E Super Plus

Air Chillers

Frigosystem has a relevant technical role with a package of solutions for every air process: from extrusion blown film to food and aeronautics.

Air cooling too is made ecological gas. The accurate project of the heat exchange surfaces and the electronics optimize the energy saving and Frigosystem results are officially certified by the European Institutions.

As Frigosystem customers are located anywhere in the globe, all units are projected for working in the most critical ambient temperature and humidity.

The flexibility of the air flow ranges and the air temperatures represent some of the undisputed technical prestiges of all Frigosystem branded air coolers.



Combined heating-cooling units. Brilliant & compact all-in-one solution which integrates in one monobloc unit, either the cooling process and the thermoregulation for any industrial application.

Equipped with cooling circuit in combination with one or more thermoregulated utilities.


Dry Coolers

After having devised the Free-cooling and the dual free-cooling in single frame, Frigosystem present the new line of DRY COOLERS, born for flexibility needs and manufacturing cost saving.

The industrial processes increasingly need to dispose heat and more and more often we have to work with temperatures very close to the highest ambient temperatures.

The advanced manufacturing features stimulate the use of the new Frigosystem DCS, which are completely manufactured in anticorrosion aluminum and projected with a particular design to work also without antifreeze during the winter time up to -20°c


Temperature Control Unit

Large range with different WATER & OIL models for any industrial field.


Explosion Proof Units

Within the European Union, electrical and mechanical machinery operated in explosive environment must comply with the ATEX (ATmospheres EXplosibles) conditions.

According to ATEX requirements, Frigosystem, through Corema technology, manufacture machineries which comply with these specs, where all electrical and mechanical components must be assessed with regard to the zone rating. All the chillers, air cooling system and thermoregulator’s components are evaluated and they must be stated as suitable for use. Any qualifying test, that may have been run, has to be listed. Also the materials must be assessed and certified.

Main components as well as frame and any additional device must also comply with the ATEX rules.

Electric board: explosion proof aluminum case
Electric motors: certified
Flow switches: cut-off by intrinsic safety barriers
Pressure gauge: cut-off by intrinsic safety barriers
Thermostats: cut-off by intrinsic safety barriers
Heater: certified terminal board case
Solenoid valves: certified
Open pump coupled to motor
Electrical connections with double insulated flame-retardant cable
Direct-coupled or pulley compressor
Antisparkling axial fan coupled to motor
Antisparkling centrifugal fan

SKID Pumping systems

Customised pumping systems for any application. First class pumps, installed on basement.

Tanks sized according to the customer’s needs.
Accurate finishing, high quality valves and couplings.
Temperature control by means of 3 way valves, accuracy 0,5ºC (1°F)
Microprocessor PID control, with possibility of interface to any PLC system, with dedicated software.

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